Master Plumbers Australia Ltd | Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak Possible
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Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak Possible

17 Jan Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak Possible

THERE are warnings of a wide-spread summer outbreak of the deadly Legionnaires’ disease amid concerns about relaxed plumbing regulations.

Master Plumbers Australia (MPA) this morning called on state and territory governments to lift their game on the enforcement of plumbing regulations across the country in a bid to head off a potential outbreak.

Queensland director of MPA Bill Watson said the use of non-compliant products in recent months had sparked concerns about the “Legionnaires’ risk”.

“It is time for state and federal governments to take strong and swift action against anyone who carries out installations and repairs without appropriate certification,” he said.

“Anyone connecting fixtures to mains water supplies or sewerage systems, or dealing with systems requiring heat regulation, must be appropriately licensed to carry out the work.”

Mr Watson said the risk extended not only to schools and hospitals, but apartment blocks as well.

“As the Australian population continues to grow and we move towards higher density living, adequate resourcing is needed to ensure standards are enforced and maintained,” he said.

“Without it, the chances of Legionnaires’ or other diseases increase significantly.

“It wasn’t long ago that people battled what are now commonly referred to as ‘olden day’ diseases like dysentery and cholera.”

Source: The Courier Mail