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News and Media

22 Feb Meet the MPA Chairman!

Robert Pearshouse has been appointed as chairman of Master Plumbers Australia Ltd (MPA)! Robert previously served as the Tasmanian Director to MPA Ltd, but now he chairs this important national body who promote and protect our incredible industry. Congratulations Robert!...

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17 Jan Legionnaires’ Disease Outbreak Possible

THERE are warnings of a wide-spread summer outbreak of the deadly Legionnaires’ disease amid concerns about relaxed plumbing regulations. Master Plumbers Australia (MPA) this morning called on state and territory governments to lift their game on the enforcement of plumbing regulations across the country in a...

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13 May Plumbing Industry Refutes Claims of Excessive Rates

CLAIMS that plumbers are paid “more than the average lawyer” are based on flawed numbers and irrelevant comparisons, according to Master Plumbers Australia (MPA). The national industry association, made up of representatives from each of the state-based associations, represents the interests of Australia’s plumbers and gas...

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12 Apr Australian Building Codes Board Member Profile

Murray Thomas - CEO of the Master Plumbers and Gasfitters Association of WA, is also the Plumbing Industry representative on the Australian Building Codes Board. This month he was profiled in the Australian Building Regulation Bulletin. You can see more of the bulletin here. ...

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